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18 October 2018 @ 03:47 am

There ought to be a thousand more, but I've forgotten most of them (ironically, since they're 'memorable quotes') so here's all I can remember as of now. Will add more as I recall more/find more in new dramas!

In viewing order, from latest to oldest:


All under the cut!Collapse )


28 November 2014 @ 10:54 pm
Today was a really lucky day! I dropped by the Johnny's shop today, entirely unplanned due to 2 reasons:
1) The Tokyo shop was almost wiped out of Arashi photos even the newly released (less than a month) ones. It was quite pathetic, with less than 50 photos adorning 6 walls. So I decided to drop by the Osaka shop to see if there are any other photos.
2) I caught the cold and decided to sleep in yesterday, the day I had originally intended to visit the shop.

So, I went today, and managed to get the new photos just released today! Lucky!

Now for the concert highlights...

Today's seat was nearer to the front, by about 7 rows, and nearer to the front centre stage (on the other side of the diagonal hanamichi), but still on the side where Ohno's raised stage was, so a lot of Ohno moments!! Plus I bought a binoculars so I could see him much clearer. I kinda decided on my Ichi-ban by buying the bino - blue. But I was also looking alot at Jun and Nino (when Ohno is on the other side hehehe)

Today's highlight:

- Ohno being busy responsing to uchiwa requests, doing so many actions one after another! The gun "bang" hand sign, peace sign, double peace sign, freestyle pose, fishing gesture...it must be really tiring to pick out those requests one by one (from the moving cart!) and respond. Again, touched by his effort.

- Ohno tried to pick up the heart-shaped confetti as it fell around him! So cute.

- Today's MC was longer than yesterday's. Aiba introduced his newly released movie (Miracle) and said that he was going to the cinemas tomorrow for stage greetings. When he found out that a lot of the fans have already caught the movie (it opened last week), he blurted out "wow, that's a miracle! " before he caught himself and laughed it off.

The other members said that they have yet to see it (Nino: since Aiba hasn't given them the premiere tickets). Sho explained that they can't go to the cinemas because the people who are there know Aiba (and hence the rest of Arashi by extension). Awww Sho's so confident about Aiba's popularity :) but Aiba is as usual so humble, and brushed it off saying that there are also viewers who are just there for the story.

Nino then continued by introducing his upcoming movie, which has yet to settle on the exact release date next year. He explained the plot, which was too complicated, so he made it easier by puting names to the plot. For example, one day, Ohno got murdered. Every member has an alibi which cannot be proven, such as watching tv at home...and then at this point, Ohno, who for some reason went backstage with Jun in the middle of the MC, suddenly reappeared behind Nino. Lol, what perfect timing!

Ohno had been playing cellphone games too much, and when Jun pressed his wrist to prove that, Ohno was screaming about how painful it was!

- Sho's heartbeat rate is higher today, but still the lowest amongst the 5. Jun continued to lead the group, and even hit 180+! I wonder if everything is ok with him? I felt that today was more exciting too, perhaps because the people around me were more enthusiastic, so I went crazier with my shouting and hand gestures as well!

- Now that I'm nearer to the action, have a better view from the front, and armed with binoculars, I could see the dance moves better. I so love the asterisk dance with the slow-mo portions fitting in very well with the tempo of the song.

- Love wonderland's dance was really cute too! Gaaaah can they get any cuter!?

During the final MC, without being prompted, most people changed their fanlights to the member's colour during their turn. It felt magical, like each of the light was supporting and protecting the members with the soft glow.

Sho mentioned that he felt amazing, like he's being loved, and that it's strange of him to make that comment. The next thing we know, we were all shouting "愛してるよ!".

Ohno made an offhand remark that he was grateful to be able to hold concerts at Osaka so many times, but he has not came to Osaka privately before. That got him an "ehhhh" from everyone, including Sho. Lol! From there, he lost track of what he had intended to say and that situation got everyone, himself included, laughing!

As usual, Nino's MC was the funniest, punctuated with his witty remarks, such as how he doesn't want to continue doing concerts forever!! Because it's so tiring to do it forever (literally, non-stop); doing it for 3 hours is already miraculous for him! They have been doing it for 15 years...20 years, 30 years, 40 years later, they will continue the concerts. But by then, he would be over 70! Can he still stand?

Well, Nino I bet you can still charm us with your sharp tongue and play slow country songs on the guitar. Sitting down of course.

The tour this time round is quite different. For example, the members didn't wear the concert tee. There was no giant mascot board at the entrance for fans to take photos with. There weren't any tour flags flown outside the dome. Each venue ran for four days. And in spite of that, the entire tour ends within the year!!! I wonder what all these point to, or am I thinking too much?

じゃまた来年よろしく! See you again next year, my darlings!
27 November 2014 @ 11:06 pm
It has been a long while since I last posted, but in the end the only place where I can gush freely about my fandom is here!

Today, it's all about The Digitalian Osaka leg, 27 Nov 204.

There is always one (or more) moment during concerts when I feel really emotional, such as the"my first and probably last concert" moment during encore of 5x10. This time, it was also during the last song of The Digitalian. On the screen was a photo montage of Arashi's photos throughout the ages. And then suddenly, photos of fans at the concert hall appeared. Each photo was linked to several others, forming an intricate web of relationships. Each web then formed 1 member. That really brought tears to my eyes. Through Arashi, I've got to know a lot of amazing people and friends. They made learning more fun and gave purpose to long hours revising. Thanks to this, I've managed to make Japanese friends outside of the fandom as well. When I'm tired or unmotivated, their songs give me energy and their tv shows bring me laughter. I'm so glad that I stumbled onto this group and for all the experiences since then!

Highlights of tonight's concert:
- The stage layout is quite unique. The main stage is a V shape with a huge vertical screen on each side of the V, making it easy to watch both the real people and the zoom-in footage at the same time. The moving stage is also a V shape with the pointed end replaced with a flat portion. I think this is great for stand seats which are slightly off center, and allows the members to go closer to fans. Even the hanamachi is shaped in a cross, with the branches go off diagonally. Meaning, the branch ended right in front of me!!

- Aiba's solo! Omg he must have felt ridiculous, but kuddos for giving it his all. The dance was so....silly! Like a kid trying to be sexy but failing in all ways (well, the sexy moves were well executed but the rest of it was just plain silly). Still, because Aiba's the one dancing this, it didn't feel unnatural at all. In fact, I liked his solo the most. Highest entertainment value. Even Nino had to poke fun of it during his closing MC!

- Speaking of which, Nino's solo with his guitar was such an interesting blend of cool and cute. He totally went against the cuteness in the lyrics as he worked his fingers up and down the guitar strings. My second favourite solo!

- There was a small incident which made me appreciate Ohno a whole lot. The members were waving their hands to a song, and then Ohno suddenly threw a quick peace sign before he returned to waving. I bet he must have seen a "peace sign please" uchiwa.

- During certain segments, the screen would show the heartbeat rate of each member. Jun's was always the highest. And the lowest? No, not Ohno. Sakurai Sho!! When everyone's heartbeat rate was over 100, his would stay at 90+. Maybe it was as he said, it's not that he's not excited. It might be that he's already dead! Lol...

- The encore was such a surprise because the members rode out on helium filled balloons which had their old albums/singles printed all over. And then they launched into a medley of their old songs, one from each year. The later ones such as GUTS and Calling were sung in full. However, this time round they didn't appear in the concert Tee, which was the usual practice. I had thought that they would give one more encore, but nah, that was it.

- Ohno's surprise birthday song! I wasn't expecting it because there was one year where they didn't celebrate at the concert because the birthday was a few days prior. However, they did it this time round! During the MC, Jun asked that we can change the colour of the light on our fanlight according to what our neighbours are doing. It's like a 'make Arashi happy' thing, to see everyone become one and the hall turn into a single colour. What he said was really odd, actually. He then continued to suggest, for example, if the song is the OST of a partcular member's drama, we can change the fanlight to his colour. And then he continued, "Alright, shall we do it? The next song is..."

Suddenly, the happy birthday song started to play! So everyone changed to blue (mine was already blue hehe). Sho later said that when Ohno realised what was happening, he made a face to Sho, who was beside him, and said, "お前ら…" He was all "It's tiring" lol...he just doesn't want to bother with handling the spotlight, as usual! While pushing the cake to the front, Sho went too fast and caused the flames to extinguish, but Ohno just gamely pretended to blow the candles. He got some cream on his scarf, and became probably the most moe person to ever say that cream is delicious, right after licking it off his scarf!

Of the 3 concerts I've attended celebrating his birthday, the celebration today is the shortest (I can never forget the one where Jun held up a flipchart to silently communicate with fans how to participate in the surprise). However, the happiness is not any less.

- I have experienced this 'synchonised penlight' concept before at Mayday's concert. However, I think Arashi brought it up a notch. The lights changed frequency at different rates, sometimes slow to match the beats of a song and sometimes fast to create the image of glittering diamonds. Also, there were a lot of colours which fans cannot change to by ourselves, such as white and orange. We can only change it to one of the 5 official colours. All these made the concert hall really beautiful and often create effects which caught us by surprise. The only complaint would be that the light is with the uchiwa, so I had to remember not to raise the uchiwa when doing the furitsuke in case I block the people behind.

All in all, また"嵐に出会えってよかったなー"って感じ!
21 June 2014 @ 11:26 pm
It's been a long while since I last posted. Today, I'm sharing this really nice song, the ending theme song to a beautiful drama - Battle of Changsha (战长沙). Based on an Internet novel, the drama is set against the backdrop of the Japanese's attack of the Chinese city of Changsha from the period 1938 to 1944. during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

I have yet to read the novel, but general comments are that the drama built on the strengths of the novel (which was already good enough to warrant a tv adaption) and added in more interactions between the characters to bring them closer to the viewers. Indeed, by the end of the drama, I was in love with every single character, even those whom I disliked at the start. The plot development painted a vivid picture of the circumstances the characters are under and how, their actions and decisions seem justified after all. The acting was stellar across the entire cast and I feel that the scriptwriter gave his/her best to develop everyone, even the minor characters.

I'm not a fan of dramas set in that post-Qing/pre-modern era, and definitely not interest in war films from China, which I was afraid to be plagued with in-your-face nationalism. However, Battle of Changsha surprised me with subtlety and sincerity in its storytelling. The story is not about how the Japanese killed the Chinese. It is about the struggles of the commoners and how their lives and destinies are impacted by war. We see characters change; we see them try to make a difference, no matter how small that difference may be. There is no overt propaganda message and I respect the production for this.

Below is the ending theme song, which I feel captured the spirit of the drama.

This is not the 'official version', instead it is the version sung by Wallace Huo, who is one of the main leads of the drama (in that he takes on the role of the 'OTP' of the drama, but in fact I don't see a real "lead" in terms of screentime. Every single character was given a chance to shine). Wallace wowed me with his acting in here. After watching Battle of Changsha, I went on to watch Perfect Couple (金玉良缘), which was a non-brainer but very sweet and addictive romcom. Wallace took the comedic role like a fish to water, and did a 180 degrees turnaround from the serious Gu Qing Ming in Battle of Changsha.

Please do not repost the translations with permission.

I will remember you

幸福 他在哪呢
The sky is dyed grey
Flames of war burn behind us
The youth that is supposed to bloom
Has withered before it reached its climax
Happiness - where is it?

There's no need to be so bothered
Excuses are just signs of weakness
Fight on if we won't surrender
Even if I'm not there tomorrow
Our mistakes
Shall be healed by time

承受辛酸 回应沉默
离别前 却只能强忍著
会记得 爱过
The happiness you wish for
Pushes me to persist on
For our tomorrow,
I'm willing to accept the sadness and silence
Before parting, we can only endure
Say you don't love me
Our eyes are already wet
We'll remember; we loved
21 February 2014 @ 03:19 am
When was it since my last post? I've taken to posting short snippets on twittwe and facebook many moons ago, and kinda abandoned my lj.... but this paticular subject deserves its own long post complete with caps, here I am again!


Does this scene look familiar? Here's a hint:

Yes, it's full house! Thai version!

More gorgeous people under the cut!Collapse )
12 June 2013 @ 12:07 am
Wanted to relax a little, so I went onto youtube, and found a link to one of the latest concerts held by Super Junior (just last month I think) in Brazil (or somewhere, in the America continent).

I have grown to like their songs (long story), so I didn't mind watching their concert clip.

But less than 10 mins later, I switched it off.

I don't dislike the group. I don't.

But I really dislike the hard-sell tactic used by the K tourism board and the K entertainment industry.

I had heard less than half of their song "Mr Simple" on the clip, and found myself wondering what I was watching. The fan's screams were overwhelming, and every 5 seconds of closeups of the guys will be interrupted with either a) a closeup of some fans singing and screaming along, or b) a long shot showing the entire venue. I had noticed this a while back. K media LOVES to show everyone how popular a particular group is, by showing tons and tons of sequences involving venue size or crazy fans (especially fans who are visually different from Korean/Korean-looking ethnics). All this at the expense of a good performance caught on tape.

I'm not comparing such for-broadcast material with say, concert DVDs. I'm comparing concert footages broadcasted on Japanese widescreen news programs against such K media footages.

Plus, the fact that my mom's new Samsung phone came preinstalled with Bigbang apps, Korean tourism apps and whatnot has made me quite annoyed. Maybe that's why I felt a need to post this up.

29 December 2012 @ 04:17 am
Arafes Concert MC

Please do not repost without permission.

嵐、嵐 for dream....誰のdream? 私達、嵐とファンのdreamCollapse )

And cue 感謝カンゲキ雨嵐. Such a perfect timing, to sing this just as the rain starts...it's like the skies are helping them create the right atmosphere.

I remember. Do you?

The feelings when it was announced that they have won the right to perform at Kokuritsu. It's not just the scale. It's also the meaning to it.

Of course, the ability to attract enough concert-goers to fill up the ~50,000 seats. If I don't remember wrongly, the 'behaviour' of fans are also important, so that they will not create any disruption in the areas round Kokuritsu.

Back then, the only artistes who had held concerts at that 'sacred' venue were SMAP (2005, 2006) and DREAMS COME TRUE (2007). In 2008 was the year. And every year since then. The venue limits only 1 concert each year, and our Arashi has made it every year since 2008, which, like Ohno and Jun and Sho said, is totally unbelievable (to them who had went through slumps) and a prestige to be thankful for. This year is especially special as the stadium would be demolished for the construction of a new one. Perhaps this is why both Arashi and L'Arc~en~Ciel were granted permission to hold concerts in Kokuritsu this year. I remember almost having a breakdown when L'Arc~en~Ciel's concert was announced, because it would mean that Arashi wasn't going to have one.

For a moment, my world was shaken. Kokuritsu has became a norm. But now, thinking back, the sense of pride and happiness felt in 2008 came rushing back.

While I'm still terribly frustrated that JE isn't doing anything to pish Arashi out to the International, or even the regional market, I'm satisfied that the boys made it there, and stayed there. It would be crushing for them if they went down from their peak in 2008, to have that one moment in limelight at Kokuritsu and then disappear again. I'm sure that if JE put in some effort, Arashi can be bigger than XXXX from some other country, but one shall not be greedy, especially when the boys from C no Arashi has made it so far, out from the basement at the TV station to the open-air Kokuritsu where they can fly anywhere they want.

04 March 2012 @ 11:43 am

Finally, something on TVB to watch for after The Uninvited Date (aka Man Without Shadows)!! Starring who else but my dear Tavia? =P After Raymond Lam, Raymond Wong, and Ruco Chan (lol at all the Rs), a new pairing is taking over my heart! Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung! I love love love Tavia so much that I basically like all her pairings, even the pairing that was never to be - Steven Ma + Tavia Yeung. Not a big fan of Ron and Bosco + Tavia, but still ok. =D Even Alex Fong + Tavia Yeung in Building Blocks of Life was good. Such is the level of her acting and chemistry with all her paired up actors.

I so want this drama to do well in the ratings department so that TV station will be forced to open their eyes as to the treasure that they are being gifted with. Before she finally despairs and leaves, please, oh please, give her her due recognition!!

So, here I bring a translation of the theme song of The Hippocratic Crush by Joey Yung. Not a fan of Joey the actress, but I am very excited that she is singing a tvb theme song again!! The song likens life to a drama serial, hence the title. Will we be able to act out each scene to our satisfaction, before the story ends, at an unknown time in the future? Will we be able to take hold of the moment and act on our purest feelings, without hesitation and pretense? 

TVB電視劇《On Call 36小時》主题曲《連續劇》 主唱:容祖儿
TVB drama "The Hippocratic Crush" theme song "Drama Serial" by Joey Yung
Please do not repost without permission.

媽媽給寶寶奉上這一生 頭一吻

The first chapter begins with someone's birth
Mummy dedicating her whole life to her precious one, a kiss on the forehead
Brightness or darkness may follow after the opening
No matter which road we walk, it's like a drama serial
Lacking stability

或者 於某集我可抬頭欣賞到你
或者 一轉念便要失去你
或者 轉折漸太多 遺忘怎擁抱你
或者 擁緊偏已斷氣

Perhaps I'll lift my gaze and appreciate you one episode
Perhaps I'll lose you with one changed decision
Perhaps I'll forget how to embrace you as changes gradually accumulate
Perhaps breathing would have stopped when we embrace

仍想將你我這幕 演得更理想
能修補即管修補 不要再想 
熟悉的歌曲 等與你合唱

Lovers love with each breath they take
Even if the ending is the same
I still want to act out our scene more ideally
Fix everything that can be fixed, don't hesitate further
One moment more and we'll be out of breath
Waiting to sing that familiar song with you

傷感的下集仍然未播 我會修改

How can the new chapter be our separation?
Can it be rewritten like the beginning, when we were still in love?
But it's too difficult to salvage the previous episode
The sorrowful episode which follows is still unaired, I will amend it

如果 當晚没有分神来緊張佈置
如果 不必誤會再猜疑
如果 將對白說得平和 不加諷刺
如果 真的可有下次

If we hadn't got distracted trying to adorn our feelings nervously that night
If we don't misunderstand and suspect each other
If we speak the dialogue calmly, without adding satire
If there is really a 'next time'

仍然能拖緊彼此 走絕地雪霜
如能重修好一雙 不要再想 
明知可一起 不要再獨唱

Lovers love with each breath they take
Even if the ending is the same
Still, hold onto tightly to each other and walk through this snow-covered land
If one pair can be fixed, don't hesitate further
One moment more and we'll be out of breath
Don't sing alone anymore while knowing that you can be together

仍想將你我这幕 演得更理想
如能重修好一雙 不要再想 
多得你在場 多得我在場 天空也在場
演好這一章 呼吸太無常

Lovers love with each breath they take
Even if the ending is the same
I still want to act out our scene more ideally
If one pair can be fixed, don't hesitate further
One moment more and someone will have to leave the stage
Thankfully, you're here, I'm here and the sky also is here
Act out this chapter well, breathing is too unpredictable

21 February 2012 @ 02:20 am
They've done Hanadan - K version (which was good when you're still deeply addicted but a real waste of my time - I should have been revising for exams! - on retrospective perspective).

They've done Itazura Na Kiss - K version (which was bad any time).

They're doing Operation Proposal - K version (which, fortunately, is more my cup of tea than the Yamapi original).

And now.


I shall not forgive if they dared butcher this show. I shall watch with a critical eye, if only because Jin remains one of my favourite non-idol Jdrama. It's got a good mix of melo, mystery, history, romance, inspiring moments, fabulous camera work, beautiful clothes and excellent cast. Would K version be as good? We'll see.

I've been thinking.

Last year China sparked off this time-travel craze. Japan has been doing it (from Tsuyoshi's 君といた未来のために 〜I'll be back〜 in 1999, to Yamapi's Operation Proposal and to the more recent Jin) all the while, and it doesn't seem like they're going to ride on the time travel bandwagon like it's something fresh.

And now, Korea is really jumping on. Operation Proposal. Jin. Is this becoming a trend?
05 February 2012 @ 01:22 am

With the recommendation by hanjae, I started playing this otome game called Star Project. Am currently on Scenerio 3 and this happened:

The brat of a Nino Touya Juntoshi (XP) is AGAIN complaining. This time round, food. So, of the four choices given (give in, walk away, sth else, and flip over the table), I grabbed the opportunity to scold that pampered kid and flipped the table. And the next thing I know, we're out to the supermarket to grab some ingredients for HIM to whip up a dish!

Since he's already quite a star (a newbie, but still recognised in public), some girls started to gossip about us, concluding that we don't resemble each other enough to be siblings, but neither do we act like a couple. Jealous/angry/whatever, I supposedly wanted to go over and give them a scolding, but Juntoshi had a better idea in mind:

Make them jealous!

And then, we checked out of the supermarket arm-in-arm, heading back to our shared quarters. And look at the said quarters:

Is that....the pig-rabbit from You're Beautiful? And SMAP's poster on the wall?

LOL. But this game is too restricted and hence easy to tire of. Plus, it takes really long for the guy to regain energy. I'll see how long I can last before backing out....