[TRANS] Sho's OTONOHA Jweb entry 15 Mar 2021

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OTONOHA Vol.209 

Regarding the article submission for Newsweek

It’s me.

For purpose of the Newsweek submission, I first went around shopping for a laptop.
Since my school days, it has been about 15 years that I last touched Microsoft Word.
(Although I used a laptop up to around 2008 to write rap lyrics, I have been using my smartphone in recent years)

And so, using a laptop, and in Microsoft Word, this became my first article submission. Congratulations.
The burden on my right thumb has been reduced. Thank you.

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[JWEB] Jun's ENJOY 28/2/2021

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How have you been doing?

It feels like it's getting a little warmer recently..
And the pollen is terrible

This is the most bothersome period for me..
Let's hold up against it, those with hay fever.

There are various things to watch today ne.

Have you watched them?

Of course, I've watched them too.
The digest clips for Arafes and This Is 嵐.

It's been a while since we saw Arashi. (Laugh)

For me, I did the checks, but I still felt nostalgic.
But I remember it like it happened just yesterday.
The order of the Arafes setlist, the things we did; I didn't forget them.

Although it's a digest, I think it conveys the feeling of fun so please try to watch it.

There is also the Netflix release today.

I watched it again as well.

Yeah, it's nostalgic.

Once again, I feel thankful to the director and staff for following us around for such a long period of time.
There were times where I showed annoyance on my face right? (LaughLaugh)
But I think it's really meaningful that we get to record the behind-the-scene part of this milestone, rather than just the front of it.

I also saw the tweets from fans.

A good song will needs a good timing (Laugh)

I know that! (Laugh)

No, but
These guys from Arashi suddenly released it all together in 1 day (Laughs)

Well, please watch them slowly when you have time.
Don't miss it

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[TRANS] TV Guide 2020.12.19 — 2021.01.04

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Happy Valentine's!  

Wishing all a day filled with love - all types of love!  

Below is a translation of part of TV Guide 20.12.19-21.01.04 where #Arashi talks about what each member means to 嵐


To Arashi, _____ is ______.

To Arashi, Ohno is...

S: A pillar of strength. I'm sure everyone knows this - he is like a soul of talent. When he performs on stage, that is precisely artistic talent. Although he doesn't say much, I feel that he is supporting my back. I think that is extremely significant for Arashi.

A: Riida. I'm really glad that Ohno-san is our leader. I think he's the new image of a leader and ultimately, a reliable person. It's difficult to express in words what is 'new', but it's probably because Ohno-san is our leader that Arashi has this kind of atmosphere.

N: A choreographer. When he choreographs for Arashi, he says, "I'm choreographing based on what I think fans want to see." I think he can make those considerations because it's him.

M: The hand meant to express. For sure, his artworks come to mind and with his intricacy and dexterity, many things get expressed by his fingers. By his hands he expresses various things. In our case, his dancing too. His hands come to mind most when I think about his characteristic.

To Arashi, Sho is...

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[TRANS] This is 嵐 LIVE 31 December 2020 - MC during costume change

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This is probably obsolete since the official subs are out (awesome!!) but a friend wanted them and it's not the tear-inducing bits so here it goes~ 

And this is the part where they spoke about fanvid submissions.  The 5x20 one they mentioned is here (I'd like to think :D)  

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